italian perfumery academy


The Perfumery Camp is an intensive one-week course covering the Sensory Perfumery Master and the Artisan Perfumery Master topics. It is designed to condense the principles of perfumery at 360° which offers a complete training overview to both the enthusiast and the the operator, starting from the in-depth study of the raw materials and the final product, defining a methodology to create own fragrances with a technical approach customizable and applicable by each student in relation to a professional consultancy and training program planning.

From August 5th to August 9th.
The Artisan Perfumer course allows you to understand advanced contents related to the creation of the main accords and olfactory families as well as the evaluation methodologies of natural raw materials, thanks to the knowledge and terminology acquired during the Sensory Perfumery Camp, in order to provide technical assistance and undertake a specific consultancy and training activity.
The Sensory Perfumery Master allows the participant to acquire the methodology for natural perfume creation and the technical terminology for fragrance evaluation. Furthermore, contents related to the study of the senses and mechanisms of human physiological perception will be covered, along with the use of tools that provide the preparation of evaluation plans for perfumery and food industry sector.

The Perfumery Retail Manager course is designed for all operators in the beauty world who want to expand their skills thanks to the study of the main communication methodologies to be applied to the sale of products in the beauty sector, passing through the study and evaluation of raw materials and fragrances with the definition of technical terminology, up to the methods of psychophysiological perception for the sale of products and contemplating the main olfactory marketing techniques to guide the customer towards the purchase of a cosmetic product, creating strategies aimed at promotion and sale in your store.


The workshop is focused on the connection with the sense of smell, specifically on designing and creating the company’s olfactory brand. Throughout the workshop, we explore the history, values, and vision of the company and those who represent it, by analyzing and combining selected raw materials with the support of a perfumer.


The course is designed for members and representatives of associations and organizations in the food industry who aim to acquire the techniques for designing and managing a training program, as well as learning the main theories related to the psychophysiological perception mechanism, thus contributing to the promotion of the cultural heritage of one’s own reality. Our trainer, thanks to an academic background in psychology and professional learning, specializes in the design of sensory training programs which he concretely applies between theory and practice in an immersive teaching day through training exercises and active mediators.


Team Building of design and creation of fragrances for companies and groups, which stimulates the connection with the sense of smell through the design and creation of a bespoke fragrance, with the support of a certified perfumer. The creation of a perfume is an immersive sensory experience. Italian Perfumery Academy accompanies you to discover the main olfactory families among essences and aromas that will stimulate your senses and create new accords discovering your olfactory identity.

Team Building of introduction to artisan perfumery for companies and groups which aims to initiate the participant in the perfume supply chain, in order to discover and analyze essential oils and aromas of the main olfactory families. Learn to use your senses to recognize the scented nuances in a guided sensory journey through the daily olfactory panorama of the artisan perfumer, and live a unique sensory experience, recalling, thanks to the power of fragrances and aromas, experiences and emotions of your life.

The Wedding Fragrance Design is one of the most sublime forms of perfumery art that will allow you to identify the aromatic components for the creation of the fragrance representing your union accompanied by a creative perfumer to celebrate your wedding day and the essence of your bond through the perfume.