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italian perfumery academy




Perfumer, sensory expert, sommelier, taster and certified sensory trainer, Marco Bazzara has attended numerous advanced training courses and masters at institutions and professionals in the perfumery sector and holds IPF certifications in natural artisanal perfumery, olfactory training and aromatherapy, and TIPA and UniFi certifications in design and fragrance formulation. After shaping his identity by combining the sensory aspects of the food&beverage and perfume sectors thanks to the multi-sectoral knowledge and skills acquired in his long and varied career, Marco Bazzara introduces a new professional figure into the world of perfumery. This is the Perfume Sommelier, a multi-sector professional capable of experiencing and evaluating fragrances using the technical tools of sommellerie. Thanks to the innovative educational offer of IPA | Italian Perfumery Academy, Marco Bazzara offers a new perspective to enthusiasts and technicians in the perfumery sector.



Marco Bazzara graduated in Business Economics and Management, specializing in training techniques which he has applied since 2012 to the design and creation of sensory and business training courses, holding the position of Sensory Project Manager (SISS), AuthorizedTrainer (SCA) and Academy Director at Bazzara Academy, Premier Training Campus for all modules of the Coffee Skills Program, which he has been managing since 2014 after obtaining the Coffee Skills Diploma (CSD). Dedicated to continuous training, he works with leading international sensory experts, developing techniques and skills in sensory analysis applied to different contexts and obtaining qualifications as Wine (AIS) and Water (ADAM) Sommelier and Chocolate (IIC, IICCT, Compagnia del Cioccolato), Honey (CRA-API), Tea (Ademathè) and Distillate (ANAG) Taster, as well as those of Espresso Taster (IAC), Coffee Blender and Q Arabica Grader linked to the family passion for coffee.

“True alchemy is within each of us.”